Lime Green Karate Belt Leash - Single or Double Handle / 2ft to 8ft Length / Brass or Nickel


Length of leash from snap to end of handle.

Choose single handle, double handle (near snap for more control), or kennel lead.

Chose your embroidery option here.

This is the color for your embroidery.

This is the type of lettering used for your embroidery.

Type name/words exactly. Use upper case, lower case or both as you want it to appear.

Choose from Medium Brass, Large Brass, Medium Nickel, Large Nickel, Brass O-Ring or Nickel O-Ring

This is the option for adding ribbon. Choose NO RIBBON if appropriate.

Find the name of your preferred ribbon on the "Ribbon Choices" page.

This unique dog leash is the ORIGINAL leash created from a recycled martial arts belt. The UpCycled Hound leash features solid brass or nickel quality hardware, generous hand loop, hand-friendly smooth cotton fabric, good width, industrial strength. The stitching is super strong and won't tear or rip apart. Our leash is guaranteed against defects and to withstand the tug and pull of your dog but not the damage from canine teeth.


•Traffic Length (2-4ft), Medium Length (4-6ft) or Long Length (6ft-8ft)

•Width = 1 1/2 to 1 7/8 inches

•Cotton or Blend

•Heavy Duty Stitching

•Snap in Solid Brass or Nickel in Heavy Duty (3 1/4") or Medium Duty Brass or Nickel (2 5/8”)

•Embroidery or Ribbon Trim Available

•Machine Washable in Lingerie Bag – Hang to Dry